Can you wear my company's shirt?

Get your shirt featured for $20
All orders placed in July are only $1


Who is wearing our shirt?

Your shirt will be worn by me, Davis Baer, along with our other shirt wearers (for multiple shirt submissions).

We will tweet your custom message, with a picture of your shirt being worn.

How much does it cost?

$1 for orders placed in July.

How many shirts can I send?

You may send up to 35 shirts, and each will be worn and tweeted by a different person.

When will you tweet our company's shirt?

Whatever day you specify in your order.

If no day is specified, it will be tweeted as soon as the shirts arrive.

Can I send you something offensive?


How much engagement does a post typically get?

Here are the stats from just one shirt tweet. The more shirt wearers, the more impressions.

How can I be a shirt wearer?

To be considered for a shirt wearer role, retweet this tweet.

After, send me a DM on Twitter.


"Who'd of thought simply sending a guy a shirt would generate so much buzz. Thanks Davis!"

Ryan Olson

Made by Davis Baer

Thank you

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